12 Condoms for Burning Man

michelleI’m bringing 12 condoms to Burning Man.

Does that number seem low?

I am going to be on playa for 11 days, after all.  That’s 1 condom per day.

But take into consideration that my lover won’t be attending Burning Man this year.

He’s my sure thing.

I’m not sure that I’ll be doing much mattress dancing this year.

Which is fine because I made up for it last year with several lovers and quite a bit of horizontal mambo.

And toys.

Plus I am sure that if I need to find *more* condoms on playa, that can be accomplished very easily.

The playa provides, after all.

So maybe I’ll get the plowing of my life.

Or maybe I’ll just re-virginize and stay celibate.

The point is, I have options.


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