Check out my WHEELS


I discovered it’s actually very cheap to pimp out your bike.  And I cant wait for my bling to arrive so I can horrify my children with my “playa bicycle.”  They already think it’s weird that I’m going to Burning Man.  As my oldest son put it, “It’s not like you’re in your 20s or anything…” As if living a week off the grid in an artists community and letting your freak flag fly is something that only 20 year olds should get to do.

I might not be the youngest in the crowd but I won’t be the oldest either.

I will be pretty stylin’ though on this bike…

Here are LED lights that wrap around my bike frame, in green since I’m the Green Faerie.  Can’t wait to play with this and decorate my bike!

And these LED  valve caps which are SUPER COOL!

And I discovered that I can’t wear THIS on the playa because it’s made of sequins and sequins are MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) and since the goal is to leave no trace, I’ve got to ditch the outfit.  Sad face.

So there you have it… plus one playa bicycle.  Minus one green sequin romper.

Still having fun with it!

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