Build Day

I attended my first Build Day for Camp OS in San Jose on Saturday.

I arrived to discover that a huge portion of the work had already been done – the erection of the geodesic dome. [Ha ha, she said ‘erection’]

I was greeted by the biggest dog I’ve ever seen, but also the sweetest and shyest. His name was Pan and he was adorable.

So a Build Day is a lot like craft day at my mom’s house – all her friends are invited over to work on their craft projects together to GET IT DONE. Only on a Build Day the crafts are larger and they involve power tools.

We worked on getting some Playa Tech projects done – a few bench seats with cup holders and a closet.

Here is the team working on cutting peg board for the carnival mirrors that Tejas was working on.

IMG_5308Here is a pic of the finished closet. Swanky, eh?

What did I learn about Build Day that I didn’t already know? Well, I got to know the personalities of some of the team members. I also learned that sometimes a lot of arguing can be part of the creative process and lead to some amazing results.


A two headed me!

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