Pigpen head

I had NO IDEA how bad my hair would get at Burning Man.

Foolishly, I assumed I’d always be able to run a brush through it.


Playa hair happens when the alkaline dust of the playa gets kicked up into your hair and causes it to turn into a rat’s nest.

I kid you not. I couldn’t even poke a finger into my hair it was so bad.

It’s like dry spaghetti and insulation had sex and the baby landed on my head.

Definitely not something you want to walk around wearing.

The only saving grace is that EVERYONE was walking around with playa head. So I had that going for me.

Let me tell you, it can’t be easy to get a blow job from a girl with playa hair. You go to grab her hair and you get handfuls of crunchy noodles. Dust falls out.

If you pat me on the head, a dust cloud formed.

Kinda like Pigpen.

THAT is playa hair.

Here is my playa hair BEFORE my blowout in the Default World:

hairAnd that’s AFTER I washed and conditioned it when I got home.  Shocking, I know.

And here I am AFTER my blowout.  Ahh, much better!


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