Human Carcass Wash

human carcass washYes, I admit it.

I got naked on the streets of Black Rock City and I went through the Human Carcass Wash.

And I did it rather gleefully.

The Human Carcass Wash is basically a series of 4 basins that you step in sequentially.

Soap. Scrub. Rinse. Squeegee.

human carcass washEach basin is surrounded by 4 naked people, also there to participate in the Human Carcass Wash. The people at the Soap and Rinse basins hold spray bottles, which they use to spray your body down and get you clean. The people at the scrub and squeegee basins use their hands on your body.

Personally, I love the HCW. Everyone is naked and happy and there are always 4 people focusing on you at any given time.

It’s nice to be the center of attention and get cleaned at the same time.

And the water is delightfully chilly and causes you to shiver from your head to your playa encrusted toes.

I went through the Human Carcass Wash with a friend.

He went through the line ahead of me and it was fun to watch him get washed by all these burners as I got washed myself.

The only problem we encountered was at the end when we realized we didn’t have towels to dry off and we had to DRIP DRY BEFORE PUTTING ON OUR CLOTHES.

It was a little bit nipply out, if you ask me.

But overall, the Human Carcass Wash was tons of fun (no pictures allowed or else I have some to post).

I’d do it again.

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