Surreal sex

There is a huge potential to have surreal sex at Burning Man.

Think of the costumes. Think of the accessories. Think of the people wearing their inner fantasy on the outside.

Take for instance this devilishly handsome guy. Probably a balding engineer in real life, but on the playa he is just fucking hot.

I know I’d ask him to leave his mask and headdress on if we were… ahem… mattress dancing.

So here’s my list of men I want to have a run in with on the playa:

  1. A Trojan warrior (because YUM)
  2. A dom (someone to manhandle my softer side)
  3. A sexy fireman (he can keep his hat on)
  4. A deep, deep sub (someone to discipline)
  5. Someone wearing a leather kilt (because who doesn’t love a kilt
  6. A steampunk hottie (I’ll be thinking of this Australian Steampunk hottie friend of mine the whole time)
  7. Lawrence of Arabia (I can’t be the only woman with this fantasy)
  8. A pirate (to plunder my booty, of course)
  9. A fairy (gender bending is fun)
  10. A robot (I mean come on.  A robot.  Who doesn’t want robot sex?)
  11. Someone with Day of the Dead face paint (Creep factor high on this one)
  12. A guy with a beard wearing wings and a tutu (I like men in skirts)
  13. A guy with a neck tattoo (because sometimes a girl has to pick the bad boy)
  14. And just to make my friend Marty happy, a delicious yet inappropriately older gentleman.

There you have it. A nice, yet somewhat incomplete list of men I’d like to find on the playa to play with.

I’m sure there are fantasies I will encounter on the playa that I haven’t even DREAMED of.

People I will run into who will stop me in my tracks and make me say, “Whoah!”

It’s bound to happen folks.


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