michelleI just don’t get it.

Have you ever been a witness to a relationship that was so high maintenance you SERIOUSLY questioned why you are still single while someone like him/her is coupled up?

Happens all the time to me.

My friend Eden is bat shit crazy and yet her husband stays married to her.

DESPITE the fact that she thinks she can train herself to PLUCK MONEY FROM THIN AIR.

Oh yeah.

Now I can’t event PRETEND to understand what’s going on in some people’s heads, but I do know this:

I’ve had ENTIRE RELATIONSHIPS WHERE I MADE MYSELF AS EASYGOING AND PALATABLE AS POSSIBLE and yet I’M STILL SINGLE while crazy high maintenance people the WHOLE WORLD OVER are still in relationships.

Murphy’s Law.

And have you noticed how all the CRAZY HIGH MAINTENANCE PEOPLE are coupled up to really kind and sweet partners?


Why waste a good person on a SHITTY relationship?

I kinda think that the CRAZY HIGH MAINTENANCE people should have their RELATIONSHIP CARDS revoked.

I have no problem being the RELATIONSHIP NAZI!


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