ali-bar-barTejas and I took at shift pouring drinks at Ali Bar-Bar on Friday night.

We were told to CARD EVERYONE.

And so we did.

Even people who were CLEARLY over 50, we carded.

Most people were okay with having to show ID.  A few were thrilled.

One man, who was obviously in his 60s didn’t have ID.  I told him to come back with ID.  He came back with his United Mileage Plus card.

He did not get served.

He did not need more to drink ANYWAYS.

About halfway through our shift a young woman came in.

“What have you got?” she asked.

“I’ve got vodka cranberries, vodka redbulls, mai tais, whiskey sours, margaritas. . . ” I listed off our most popular drinks.

Then I added, “But first I need to see some ID.”

And she left.

Just like that.

I can’t help but wonder if she was a plant.  Trying to bust me for underage drinking.  I was VERY PROUD of myself for remembering to ask for ID.

Can you imagine?  It’s a $1,500 fine for the person who serves the underage drinker AND I think the bar gets fined and shut down for the rest of Burning Man.

Not good.

But catching an underage drinker?


One thought on “Sting

  1. As someone who hasn’t been “under 21” for a lot of yearsenal, when I am at a bar or event and get carded, I don’t find it cute. I want a drink. I am clearly not under 30, really can’t say I look under 40 anymore either. I rarely carry my ID into a bar and wouldn’t think to have it on the Playa, where it could get lost in all that dust. As I tell folks who think they are being cute, if I have to go out to my car or back to my tent to get my ID to prove I can remember Nixon resigning, I will keep on going and find someplace else to drink, and obviously, you need your eyes checked.

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