img_0152One thing about Burning Man which I think comes as no surprise to anyone is that there is a lot of nudity – both guys and gals.

I had no fear of being naked at Burning Man until THIS happened. . .


I was getting changed, out in the open, as most people do.  I pulled off my bra and freed the kittens when all of a sudden someone yelled “BOOBS!”

I was instantly objectified.  And horrified.  And embarrassed.  And angry.

What kind of mentality in a full grown man allows him to act this way?

I had a hard time interacting with him from that point on.  I was upset and not about to get over it fast.

And despite my protestations, no apology has been forthcoming. . .

9 thoughts on “BOOBS!

  1. FYI, most guys are still adolescents, deep down. And our society makes guys feel weird about mammaries. Maybe you could just revel in your status as a Goddess, worthy of adoration, however crude. Just an idea…

  2. The moment you were objectified is sounds like the whole scenario became very awkward. That fella should know better and just be a part of the party, not an attention grabber at your expense.

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