132e5bb5-f136-44c8-9d53-880620a38114Last year I went to the Temple and left my messages to loved ones on the wood to be burned to ash when the Temple burned.

But I did not watch the Temple burn.

And I deeply regretted it.

img_0231This year I went to the Temple but I left no messages to be burnt into cinders.

But I did watch it burn.

Quite the moving experience, if you ask me.


Originally, I had grand plans for this Temple burn.

I was going to release my feelings for people who used to, but no longer held positions of love in my life.

Oh, I was going to print out our IMs to fasten to the Temple walls.

I was going to burn the only gift I was ever given from him.

And you know what?

I didn’t do it.

It’s not that I didn’t want to.

Or couldn’t.

It’s that just planning my good bye was good enough.

My peace was made.

And anything else was just redundant.

You know it’s a magical healing place, when just the thought of it gives you spiritual release!

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