Everyone Burns Differently

Last year’s Burning Man was the Year of the Dust Storms.

Indeed, it felt like the first 4 days of Burning Man were nothing BUT dust storms.

I was determined to adventure out and experience my first burn.

I remember going out one day (with damp hair. . . stupid me) on the playa with a friend and being 3 feet away from him but not able to see him.

I could HEAR him but I couldn’t SEE him.

And since my playa navigation is spotty at best, I was REALLY concerned I’d get lost and wind up in deep playa, all alone, with no water, and no way to get back to the city.

Thankfully that didn’t happen.

But venturing out in a dust storm took a lot out of me.

And it took a lot out of others.

One woman in our camp left on the fourth day of the Burn. She just had it.

Ironically, after she left the weather cleared up.

There are all sorts of reasons why people leave the playa early.

Considered a sort of dystopian paradise by many, the thought of leaving early is unthinkable.

But this year, my virgin burner Marina, and Tejas’ virgin burner Patty left early.

In both cases the weather had nothing to do with it.

For Marina, her responsibilities were calling her back home. And she did A LOT in the 7 days she was there.

For Patty, she just got filled up with Burning Man and had no room for more experiences. She too had spent hours scouring the playa by herself.

I dearly missed both of them when they left. They were my soul sisters and my confidantes at Burning Man.

A much needed respite from all the masculine energy I was dealing with.

It just goes to show – everyone burns differently.

*[VIDEO BELOW shows the dust storm we were all sitting in as we waiting for the man to burn on Saturday night]*

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