Curvy Girl

On Sunday, I got all gussied up and went with a friend to a Fashion Show.

A fashion show for curvy women.

And, as it turned out, it was an ALL LINGERIE Fashion Show.

Now, I didn’t tell too many people I was going to a Curvy Girl Fashion Show.

Mostly because I don’t like to ADMIT that I’m a curvy girl.

I have this RIDICULOUS notion in my head that if I don’t admit it, then it’ll escape their notice that I’m a size 14 and not, oh… say a size 2.

Not that I aspire to be a size 2.

I certainly like my BIG boobs and butt.

But I digress. . .

I spent an hour watching scantily clad women walk down the runway, strutting their stuff.

img_0323And strut they did.


Bodysuits, chemises, stockings, and baby dolls paraded by, one after the other.

For an ALL-WOMEN audience, naturally.

No sleazy men lurking in the background, although the event was live streamed over the internet for anyone to watch.

In the end, I really enjoyed myself and gained a greater appreciation for body diversity.

And, of course, the fact that my swag bag came with a free “SCREAMING-O” cock ring* didn’t hurt.

Not at all.



*Did I mention the fashion show director owns a sex toy business as well as a plus size lingerie business?!

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