The post where I straddle his face

michelleI did something OUTRAGEOUS the other day.

I was at a party.

One with a pool and a hot tub where wearing clothes was “optional.”

So I went in the hot tub.



There was this guy there (there’s always a man, isn’t there?).

We were just chatting about tattoos and I mentioned that I had 5 tattoos.

He asked to see them.

No biggie, right?

Well, two of my tattoos are on my hips and there was no way to show them to him standing up in the hot tub since they were covered by water.

So I stood on the hot tub seat, STRADDLED him, and showed him my tattoos.


Now, first let me say that I wasn’t really thinking straight. I’d had champagne and fire whiskey and wine.

Until I jumped up and shoved my pussy in his face, I really had no idea that he’d be so close in proximity to it.

I thought I was being more demure but in reality I was being INCREDIBLY BOLD.

I’m confident I will never do this again, but it was fun to do just this once and to see his reaction.

I’m not sure he even SAW my tattoos.

I think he was DISTRACTED. . .

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