The Eternal Optimist

I have a HUGE lingerie collection.

I literally pick out something new to wear under my outfit every time I go on a new date.

Just in case, you know. . .

Call me crazy (many have) but there’s something about the color, the texture satin/silk, and the joy of wearing a decadent thing secretly under my clothing that boosts my confidence.

When I did my boudoir photoshoot I went HOG WILD buying new lingerie – bras and panties, babydolls, chemises, and corsets.

I think I spent $35 on the Groupon and $1000+ on lingerie.

Well, I have finally run out of room for all of it.

I have slips, and merry widows, and stockings, and garter belts in boxes, stacked in the corner of my room.

Not to mention the 7 drawers I have devoted to my collection.

I finally have to get rid of some things (to make room for all my Burning Man costumes, natch).

The thing is, you can’t really SELL used lingerie (although some of it has never been worn and still has the tags on).

So I guess I’m going to donate to my local charity.

But do charities really want to sell black vinyl corsets? Leather? Latex?  They’re not really in the BDSM market.

And am I really willing to admit that I bought crotchless panties when I itemize my deductions on my tax return?

I think I need a specialty second hand store to handle my loot.

As for my lingerie buying days, I’ve put them behind me.

Sort of.

Until the next exciting date comes along, that is.

I’m either a fool or an optimist and since I’m not willing to admit that I’m a fool. . .


3 thoughts on “The Eternal Optimist

  1. Ha ha! I’m so jealous 🙂
    Everybody has a kind of vice and passion and I think lingerie is a great one. I too love lingerie and when I was single I bought a load of ‘honeymoon gear’ hoping to be the sexiest new bride on the planet. I wore them for 3 weeks then threw them on the floor then gave up . They ended up all crumpled up with a million creases. The reason? Each time I wore something made of the finest silk, luxurious satin or beautiful lace, I would wake in the middle of the night wondering why it felt I was swimming the ocean – they made me sweat like a pig 🙂

    But wearing them during the evening is a fantastic idea. You are right that they make you feel so special and give you that glint of naughtyness in your eye, knowing what is underneath your clothes.

    Great blog1

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