Go BIG or go home

I haven’t had an opportunity to wear any of my costumes since Burning Man.

They’re all sitting in bins in my bedroom just WAITING to be worn to a party.

Unicorn shooting rainbows versus robot T. Rex? Got it.

Purple and pink striped Cheshire Cat? It’s in the bag.

Galactic Babe costume complete with self designed purple military hat? Check.

I am filled with sadness that I have no costume to work on.

So I invented one… THE PIRATE.

Now, anyone who has known me for a few years knows that I already HAVE a pirate costume. . .

pirate2 pirate3

pirate4I put this together for a friend’s PIRATE PARTY. I got the cute little tricorn hat from Etsy (of course) and it was A BITCH to get it to stay on my head at a jaunty little angle like that.

Now I just bought a new pirate costume – also red, but with a nice little gold/black vest that goes over it.

pirateI love it!

And I’ve been eyeballing THIS hat on Etsy as the hat of my DREAMS for this outfit.

pirate-hatGo BIG or go home, you know what they say.

Now, you may be wondering where I’m going to wear this outfit.

Of course I know it’s only a matter of time until the local Burning Man community throws a Pirate Party.

But also. . .

My birthday is coming up and I wouldn’t put it past me to throw myself a Pyrate Party to celebrate.

Y’all have been forewarned.

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