Things I’m not good at

michelleI signed myself up for a 10-hour class on Financial Planning at Stanford University.

This class should prove a lot more useful than my lap dancing class (aka skills I’ve acquired that have been totally wasted in real life).

I actually have a BS in Biology.

I can tell you the difference between a eukaryote and a prokaryote but for the life of me I couldn’t ell you what microeconomics, macroeconomics, or game theory are.

I’m basically a remedial student when it comes to finance.

I just don’t have the head for it. People start talking finance and my brain shuts off. All I hear is the mom from Charlie Brown cartoons going “Waa waa waa.”

I need help.

Oh sure, I’ve got a budget that I live by (unless there’s a sale on Jimmy Choos).

And I’ve got a retirement plan

But I have no idea how investments work.

Hence, this class.

It’ll give me the critical knowledge I’m lacking.

And maybe I’ll make new friends in class.

You just never know . . .

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