Charlie the Aussie

charlie_beachThere’s always ONE THAT GOT AWAY.

Well, in my case, there are TWO.

It’s ironic, really.

I never think about Luke or Dave but my mind goes back and reminisces about Jay and Charlie the Aussie.

Today, I logged in to LinkedIn only to find a big huge image of Charlie staring at me under the heading “PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW.”

Actually, as it turns out, he’s someone I do know. Intimately.

I don’t often talk about Charlie.

But when we were dating, I was completely and utterly charmed by him.

His accent, his bald head, the way he totally possessed me in bed.

The fact that he was Charles VIII in his family.

And he was knighted in the Order of Australia.

He had a special needs child with autism that he took loving care of.

And he was an adventurer, like me.

More than me.

He’d been all over the world and sailed everywhere.

In a word, he was PERFECT for me.

Sadly, Charlie did not feel the same way and so we parted.

But I always go back to my memories of him – especially that weekend in Southern California when he took me to see Hearst Castle and we broke the bed in our hotel room.

It’s almost like a dream now.

I tried connecting with him once to no avail.

So I’m resigned to leave him alone.

But I think of him and remember him fondly.


UPDATE:  Charlie approved me on LinkedIn.  Woot!

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