Three’s Company

There’s this Facebook challenge out there that’s new to me.

You have to describe yourself using only three fictional characters.

As tempted as I was to describe myself using Wonder Woman, She-Ra, and the lady riding the polar bear on the Rumple Minze bottle, I knew those women only described who I WISH I was – gorgeous, strong, and taking no shit.

img_0334So I paused, and thought about who I really am like.

And I came up with these three characters:

Molly Ringwald’s character Samantha “Sam” Baker in Sixteen Candles.

On many levels this character speaks to me.

First, I am a child of the 80s and therefore a SLAVE to John Hughes films.

Secondly, I tend to get the guy in the end, but only after some serious humiliation and hurdle jumping in the process.

No, I’ve never been felt up by my grandmother, but yes, I’ve been ogled by the school pervert.

img_0330My next fictional character is Samantha Jones from Sex in the City because, well, I tend to be a horn dog.

Sure, I get a lot less sex than she did, but that’s only because I detest settling for mediocre connections.

I prefer to LIKE the men I sleep with.

img_0328Finally, there’s Bridget Jones.

Ah yes, Miss Jones, how I relate to you.

I’m always trying to be poised and elegant but wind up falling short of that and acting earthy and amusing.

I would TOTALLY slide down a fireman’s pole.

And in real life, I really do keep a diary (my blog).

img_0329So there you have it, me in three fictional characters.

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