Is it a debate or a singles meet up?

democratI went to a local Democratic Debate party with my friend Michelle to watch the debate between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I’ll be perfectly honest and admit that I went there hoping to meet like-minded single men.


Only I would use a presidential debate as a tool to meet men.

Sadly, I met no men.

The place was PACKED TO THE ROOF with women.

Whatever my motivation in going, I wound up having a great time and actually managed to sit through the WHOLE DEBATE, which is saying a lot.

Politics aside, it was great to watch a woman take the stage for the first time in the history of our nation.

No, I didn’t meet some guy to go out with.

But I did learn a lot about both candidates and who I’m going to vote for.

And educating myself about the candidate I want to run this country is pretty damn important.

Way more important than my (sad) love life.

2 thoughts on “Is it a debate or a singles meet up?

  1. Remember to vote the down ballot!! I got through the fed and local. Now need to do all the propositions. The local effects me way more than the fed. (Unless we have a revolution.)

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