Favorite (sex) toys

I HIGHLY recommend all of these for use in the bedroom.  Some are standard issue sex toys and others are a little more out there.  But they’re all pretty tame (aka “vanilla”) as far as toys go.  I’ve seen much worse.

A sharpie.  Because it’s fun to write on each other’s naked body.  It’s also fun to try to keep the writing under covers as it fades.  Nothing like spotting your lover’s mark on your body to turn you on and make you want it all over again.

Feather whips.  They don’t hurt, they just wake up the nerves in your body and make them sing.

Nipple clamps.  Lots of sensation.  Only painful if you want it that way.  ‘Nuff said.

jimmyjane Massage Oil Candle.  Oh la la!  In Bourbon, Cucumber Water, Dark Vanilla, and Pink Lotus.  All yum and especially fun with a partner.  No worries about getting burnt though,  the candle are low temperature melting candles.  The oil pours out in a lovely warm stream.

Vibrating cock ring.  Because, you know, there’s nothing like a nubby little button on your nubby little button.  Done.

Sensory Wheel.  Don’t worry, it only looks like it’ll poke a million holes in you.  Spread you with seeds and water and you’ll become a Chia Pet.  Not so.  This little device is great at waking up your skin and delivering delicious sensation.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.

The innie-outie couples massager.  I’m not sure what to say about this without being terribly explicit.  Since I’m sure you don’t want to hear how many orgasms I’ve had with this device let me just say this – it’s meant to be worn during intercourse.  And it’s AWESOME!

Personal massager.  Works great.  Tiny and discreet with a super quiet motor.  This is the one to take in your purse when you’re traveling.  You’ll want TSA to frisk you just so you can show it off.

5The Rabbit.  What can I say about the rabbit that hasn’t already been said.  It’s a whopper of a vibrator but really gets the job done with rotating beads, a swirling tip, and a vibrating bunny with strategically placed ears.  Yum!

A dildo.  Go old school with a standard issue dildo.  Or go with the non-standard issue.  I’m partial to black dildos because they make me feel wicked, but they come in all colors, shapes and sizes – kinda like the men out there.  Choose wisely, this will be your boyfriend longer than your relationships.


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