michelle1The universe has so aligned itself such that I will have dates Friday, Saturday, AND Monday night – all with different men.

I’d better shave my legs and moisturize my body, is all I have to say on the matter.

But seriously, considering I’ve had no dates in the last three months, this is going to be a SHOCK TO MY SYSTEM.

I’m worried I may be out of practice when it comes to socializing, kissing, and . . .

But perhaps dating is like riding a bike – it’s hard at first but then it gets easier the more you practice.

Needless to say, my lingerie collection is going to get a workout.

I must match my undergarments to my mood and my perception of what my dates would most enjoy.

  • I’m thinking perhaps my red latex undies for Mr. Friday Night. I love how they make me feel so exotic and wicked. I’m sure he’d love peeling them off my body, no doubt.
  • Saturday Night is like an eager-to-please puppy. I know that he’ll be happiest with me wearing black – the color of my naughtiest underthings. Perhaps a black vinyl corset with matching boyshorts. He’d love THAT look!
  • And finally, Mr. Monday. I know very little about Mr. Monday therefore it’s going to be a challenge to find something that he’d like. I might as well just please myself by wearing my favorite outfit – a black lace teddy with garters and thigh high stockings. Totally smashing!

Even if my dates NEVER see my lingerie, at least I get a boost from them and enjoy the secret little thrill of knowing I’m wearing something totally luscious under my clothes.



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