michelle beachAt first I wrote a big long blog post about using Tinder to hook up with dates.

You see, I told this guy (who happens to be smart, funny, single AND a burner) that he should troll Tinder for dates instead of ARRANGING FOR HIM TO GO ON A DATE WITH ME.

Let me say that again.

Rather than go on a date with an eligible bachelor, I advised him to visit Tinder to find a date.


I’ll admit, I’m flush with men right now.

But I am looking for a relationship and this guy on the surface seems to represent that possibility.

So why didn’t I arrange a date with him?

The simple answer to this question is I don’t know.

On some level I sensed that although he is quite single, he is not available.

Now I could be wrong.

Maybe he’s the most available man out there.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I think the best approach is to sit back and see how life unfolds when you’re not running at it at full speed with a battering ram.

When you just let it EVOLVE.

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