Tops and bottoms

I am madly and I mean MADLY in love with this Maison Close Rue des Desmoiselles teddy over at Bare Necessities (which I just bought).

teddyI also bought a gorgeous long sleeve, black lace maxi dress.

It’s very Lily Munster, if you catch my drift.

lily-munsterThe dress is (of course) see-through and would look SPECTACULAR over the teddy with a set of gartered stockings.

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-3-50-05-pmAdd my black, patent leather, platform stilettos and call me a happy woman.

I have a friend.

I like to think of him as a little subby and very eager to please.

He would ABSOLUTELY LOVE this outfit.

In fact, I am quite certain he’d be quaking in his boots if he saw me all dressed up in this.

This is why I have TOO MUCH LINGERIE.

I see something delicious and I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT.

I wear it once (or never) and then I’m through with it.

But this teddy, I am quite sure would figure heavily in my lingerie rotation.

And I’m just gonna come out and say that I’m not above topping my date in order to have some fun.

Take that any way you want.


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