Like, love, hate. . .

michelleThings I LIKE:

  1. The smell of car exhaust
  2. Men named Charlie or Kevin or David
  3. Australian accents
  4. Cold plunges
  5. Beards
  6. Freshly made beds
  7. Vacation sex
  8. Weddings
  9. Big dogs
  10. Back scratches

Things I LOVE:

  1. Spooning
  2. Forking
  3. Costumes every day!
  4. Long hugs
  5. Smutty novels
  6. Makeup
  7. Lingerie
  8. Facebook
  9. Tattoos
  10. The Giants

Things I HATE:

  1. Aggressive drivers
  2. The Dodgers
  3. Carnations
  4. Donald Trump’s Campaign for President
  5. People who always say 10 bad things before they’ll say one good thing
  6. Horror movies
  7. Condoms
  8. Bad kissers
  9. Selfish lovers
  10. Clothing stores for skinny girls



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