Reunion, kink style

As you all know, I attended my 25th high school reunion a few days ago.

And by and large, I had an EXCELLENT time.

But I left relatively early because. . .

I was invited to attend a lingerie party in San Jose.

Not a lingerie party where women show up, drink wine, eat cheese, and BUY lingerie.


A party where people go IN LINGERIE.

Naturally, I had to bring my lingerie with me so that I could change into it after the reunion – a black eyelash lace teddy and fishnet stockings.

teddyThere I am at my reunion, with a bagful of lingerie feeling awfully naughty.

But that wasn’t all.

Oh no.

You see, I was spending the night with Dante after the party and so I had to bring toys (read: sex toys) with me.

So there I was, sitting at the reunion table, with a bag full of lingerie AND a big HUGE magic wand and cock ring.

Oh my.

If they were giving out prizes, I’d get one for the most likely to shock the daylights out of her classmates.

I was quite the Goody Two Shoes in high school.

Something is right in this world when you show up to your high school reunion with a bagful of lingerie and sex toys.


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