Oi! My knees!

bettie-pageI went back to my local pole dancing studio to see their exposition.

Every 4-6 months the dancers get together and put on a show for a group of women who have gathered to watch them perform.

It’s truly amazing to see.

No men are allowed in, so the dancers are performing for themselves.

The energy in the room is incredible – sexy and supportive without being competitive or catty.

I have a favorite dancer – a Bettie Page look alike named “Leticia” – who has a bod to give men heart palpitations and legs for days.

The last time I saw her perform she did a routine to Portishead’s “Glory Box” that was extraordinary.

She always puts together something dark and sultry. She makes your heart stop for a second and die a little when she dances.

She’s magnificent.

This time around I took two friends with me to watch the performances.

And we all had a good time.

Although one of my guests did remark that for a studio that is supposed to be all-inclusive, there sure wasn’t much body diversity among the performers – all tiny women in sky high stilettos with flat stomachs and round derrieres.

As I watched Leticia slide across the floor in a mermaid tail, so beautiful and graceful, her long black hair trailing on the ground behind her, I was left with one thought:

Oi! My knees!

Yes folks, it may come as no surprise that the days of me having the option to become a pole dancer are OVER.

No pole dancing for this beauty.

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