Dogs make me bold

wendygirlGenerally, I am fairly shy when it comes to approaching men because:

  1. I don’t know if they like me, and
  2. I’m never sure if they’re single.

The two notable exceptions to this rule are:

When I stood on the seat in a hot tub to show a male friend my hip tattoos, thereby thrusting my naked crotch in his face, and

When I told a guy (on a dare) in a bar in downtown San Jose that I was going to go home and masturbate thinking about him. That got his attention QUICK!

In any case, for the most part I let the men do the approaching but I’ve discovered something that makes me bold and eases the way for me to approach a man.


Yes, dogs.

I have a dog. A big white German shepherd named Wendy who is literally the most rambunctious dog I’ve ever had. I heart her.

The other day, I saw a profile pic for another burner, someone I’d never met. He was handsome and his profile pic included – get this – a WHITE GERMAN SHEPHERD.

Yes folks, we own clones of each other’s dogs.

So I clicked on his profile.


So I clicked to add him as a friend.

And he added me!


So now we’re friends.

Then, I was surfing through the South Bay Beer Hounds posts when I came across a guy with black dogs. The polar opposite of what I have.

And I was smitten with those pooches. Plus the guy was rather good looking as well.

So I added him as a friend and explained that I liked his dogs when he added me back.

Unfortunately during the conversation he conspicuously used the pronoun “WE” which let me know he’s not single, but hey… more friends is always a good thing.

So there you have it.

Dogs make me bold.



One thought on “Dogs make me bold

  1. Good post! I always tell my single friends that the best way to meet people is by bringing a dog (borrowed or their own) to the dog park!

    So easy to talk to people when you know you’re both dog people and you start off conversations by talking about canines. If all goes well, then you exchange human names!

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