When I’m really annoying

I went and did the unthinkable.

The somewhat abominable.

The incredibly annoying.

I finished my Christmas shopping BEFORE Christmas.

Yes folks, I managed to get all my Christmas shopping done in record time this year.

I even ordered my Christmas cards.

I hope to have them completed and ready to mail the day after Thanksgiving.

While I’m aware that most people find early Christmas prep annoying, I have a good reason for preparing early.

I simply LOVE giving gifts.

And I think I’m pretty good at picking out exactly what is useful and fun for the gift recipient.

When I was married, my ex-husband’s birthday was December 14th.

So I’d shop for all his Christmas presents and birthday presents at the same time.

THEN, I’d give ALL OF THEM TO HIM for his birthday.

Just because I was so excited to gift them to him I couldn’t wait.

Which meant I then had to go shopping at the last minute for MORE GIFTS FOR HIM.

That man made out like a bandit during the holidays!

Here are a few items from my Pinterest board “Gifts for Guys.”

Maybe it’ll inspire your Christmas shopping.

Maybe you’ll see something for yourself.



Save water drink beer tee


In dog beers I’ve only had one tee


Slouchy knit beanie


Yoda lights


Sport water bottle for you and your dog


Campfire candle


Hoops in the tub


Antartica: A Biography


Chocolate flavored whiskey


Power bed riser


YOLO Just kidding tee


Beer pong table



One thought on “When I’m really annoying

  1. Congrats! The only time I was about to accomplish that feat was when I was pregnant with Kid #2 because he was due on XMAS day and I was convinced he would be early. That was my most stress-free holiday ever. I need to do that again….

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