I was going to title this post “FAT ASS” but I like my ass

michelleAs part of my job as an employee at my work, I am offered incentives to get healthy, stay healthy, and eat right.

It’s a remarkable program that I am sure uses employee data for longevity studies.

I am basically offered $580 bucks every year to take free classes that improve my health and fitness levels.

Pretty cool eh?

Some of it is fun.

I took a class on Mindful Eating, a class in Elder Care, a class in Planning for College, and so much more.

I also took a Fitness Assessment today.

And believe it or not I didn’t bomb it.

True, I did have too much body fat and my BMI is higher than I’d like to see it be, but overall, I had a healthy, strong heart and INCREDIBLE FLEXIBILITY.

I always rock on the flexibility tests on account of I took ballet for decades as a child and I still have that muscle memory.

Nevertheless, my instructor had me huffing and puffing up and down 10 flights of stairs that made me realize that it’s time for me to GET MY ASS IN GEAR AND START EXERCISING.


You heard it here first.

Michelle is going to get herself in better shape.

Starting with a diet plan my friend Lynne has been on that helped her lose over 100 pounds in about a year.

I also have a (free) meeting with a personal trainer to discuss getting in shape and I plan on emphasizing to her how strongly I feel about NOT RUNNING, maybe only walking, slowly, on a flat surface, or maybe downhill only.


But seriously, I’m a walker, not a runner.

But I also like kettle bells and resistance bands.

So we’ll see what kind of a workout she puts together for me.

Hopefully it’ll be fun or else. . .

. . .I’m out of here.


2 thoughts on “I was going to title this post “FAT ASS” but I like my ass

  1. While cardio is important for overall health of heart and lungs, you will see far better results with weight training than cardio. Plus training with weights helps build bone density and helps fight osteoporosis in women 🙂

  2. I like your ass too! While Sassy is (partly) right, you need cardio as well. A bit of running will be good for you. Start by walking, then ease into a bit of running. But unlike your usual, you need to do this g-r-a-d-U-A-L-L-Y. In a year you will have amazed yourself. And think how much faster you’ll be with the bulls.

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