Bad at Intimacy, Good at Insults

img_0649It probably comes as a surprise to most of you that I’ve been dating someone for over a year now.

Yes, we’ve been dating casually but not like no-strings-attached casual, more like friends-with-benefits casual.

For those of you who think I can’t do casual, THINK AGAIN.

Well, lately I’ve begun to realize how much I like him.

Like as a person he really makes me happy and I admire his creativity, dedication, and uniqueness.

I like him so much I spent the night with him.

This is something I almost NEVER do.

  1. Because I’ve slept so long by myself I have trouble sleeping with another body in bed next to mine.
  2. Because sleeping next to someone else seems so intimate, I’ve been reluctant to do it.

The morning after, we went to go get breakfast and I tried to tell him that I liked him.

This is how it came out:

“You know how I haven’t spent the night up until now and I told you it was because I don’t like my family, my boys, knowing my business? Well that’s not entirely true. I could’ve spent the night but didn’t want to. Because to me you were just a casual friends with benefits and I didn’t want the intimacy of spending the night with you. Ummmmm. . . what I’m trying to say is that I spent the night because I do like you.”


Way to blow it, chickie!

First I tell him he was just a fuck then I tell him I didn’t want to share any true intimacy with him.

Bad Michelle.

Fortunately, I think he heard through all the garbage talk to hear “I do like you” and took that to the bank.

So there you have it.

Michelle – bad at intimacy, good at insults.

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