Body Acceptance

Have you heard?

There’s an Ashley Graham Barbie doll!

ashleyI am incredibly happy to hear about this given that if you took a classic Barbie doll and turned her into a life size doll, her proportions would be RIDICULOUS.


barbieMy whole life I’ve been searching for my body in ads, magazines, photos, and products like Barbie.

I just wanted to find some proof that it’s okay to have hips. And a rounded tummy. And thick thighs. And four chins.

Just kidding.

I only have one and a half chins!

Seeing as how the average size of an American woman is 16, it seems only logical to make products designed to glorify shapes and sizes other than size 0-8.

As a child, I would have LOVED to have an Ashley Graham Barbie doll.

Validation that I’m not a freak.

But, you know, as nice as it is to find external validation, real acceptance comes from within.

Marketing will only get you so far.


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