Star Wars Time Machine

harrisonOkay, so this week Carrie Fisher “let the cat out of the bag” and admitted that she and Harrison Ford bumped uglies during on the set of Star Wars.

I think I echo the thoughts of the rest of the world when I say:


It was some sort of weed induced, drug hazed 3-month fling.

And I think I echo the thoughts of women and gay men alike when I say:

Yes, please!

To paraphrase the comments made by a fellow blogger on the topic, who among us would not fuck Harrison Ford, especially Star Wars Harrison Ford?

It is for this reason I would like to build a fucking time machine. So I could go back in time and fuck Han Solo/Indiana Jones.

I’m not the only one that thinks this way.

In fact, were I to create just such a time machine I’d also go back in time and:

  1. Bet on the Cubs
  2. Go to a Prince concert
  3. Hear Freddy Mercury sing live
  4. Save Heath Ledger
  5. Kill Hitler
  6. Get out the vote for Hillary
  7. Invest in Apple in 1976
  8. Sleep with that lovely Scotsman while on vacation in Inverness

Yeah, there’s quite a few “serious” things I do too.

To save the lives of my lost loved ones, you know.

But Harrison Ford?

He’s top on the list.

Sadly, for my sake I think I will have to be satisfied with a lumberjack in a Han Solo costume.

But I’m imaginative.

I can pretend.

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