When Match.com starts to look good. . .

michelleMaybe it’s because it’s holiday season or maybe it’s because I’ve lost my marbles, but I’m miss dating.

I know. I know.

I swore off internet dating a mere four months ago.

But you see, I’m not meeting enough men organically to keep me busy so I’m SORTA WONDERING IF I SHOULD RENEW MY ONLINE DATING PRESENCE.

In other words, JOIN MATCH.COM.

I swear, I’d never eat my words unless I really meant it, so you know I’m serious when I say:

Well, MAYBE. . .

I am aware of my attitude when I pulled out of internet dating sites like POF, Tinder, and Match.com.

And perhaps I’ll get back online and be REMINDED AGAIN of why I stopped internet dating in the first place – IT FELT LIKE A GINORMOUS WASTE OF TIME.

Then again, maybe I’ll meet some interesting people.

Maybe I’ll learn some new things.

Maybe I’ll get kissed.

Maybe. . .

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