Little boys

michelleSo I rejoined only to discover I had 50 emails waiting in my inbox.

Why Match keeps my profile open when I’ve discontinued my membership I WILL NEVER KNOW.

In any case, first thing that happens is that “Shoug” winks at me.

So okay, I go to check out his profile because I can’t see his face in his profile picture – hes’ wearing a baseball cap (flat brim) that shrouds his face in darkness.

[Let this be a lesson for all you men who date online – choose profile pictures WISELY.]

And here is Shoug in another baseball cap, this time wearing it backwards.

And another pic of Shoug on a waverider.

And here’s a pic of Shoug drinking with his buddies.

And. . . I think I’d seen enough.

So I check out his profile and see he was born in 1984 – making him a whole decade younger than me.

Ah, that explains A LOT!

Here’s a tip to all the men out there, if you have a frat boy profile, stay away from mature women.

I’m not sure if I should change your diaper, burp you, or take you to the mall to buy you some “big boy clothes,” but I definitely don’t want to fool around with you.

Anyone who makes me feel like his mother is not someone I want to date.

Age 35-55 only PLEASE.

Anything less than that is just laughable.