I like ‘em dirrrty

michelleOh dear.

Nothing like looking at a WALL OF PROFILE PICTURES to figure out what you’re type is.

Boy do I go for the dirty boys.

I do not like men in suits with clean shaven faces and glasses.


I like them rough around the edges. Sporting facial hair with huge grins plastered on their faces.

Bonus if they are wearing a 49ers or SF Giants jersey.

And if they have a picture of their truck, we’ll I am lost!

You had me at Hemi.

Of course, dogs are a big plus too, especially if they’re BIG DOGS!

I’m not sure where I got my love of dirty men.

My own father is a retired anesthesiologist who is 5’8” tall, has a slight build, and a clean shaven face.

He is a HAIRY Middle Easterner, though.

But that’s where the similarity ends.

I guess it’s safe to say I don’t have a daddy complex.


And she’s about to be fed some dirrrty boys!


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