Buyers beware!

unhappyI am ALMOST dating a guy I met on Match.

I say ALMOST because we have yet to go out but we text all day long.

He’s a rather nice chap, if you ask me.

And aside from my fear that the endless texting is going to KILL OUR BUDDING RELATIONSHIP, I like the guy.

I happened to mention that I was trying to come up with a blog post for the blog and he said the wisest thing I’ve heard anyone say about online dating:

“Internet dating has made dating more like buying and returning a TV. People have become objects. Easily disposed of and ignored.”


How true is that?

I’ve always described online dating like an endless revolving door. . . one man comes in, another goes out. The door keeps rotating.

In a way, buying and returning a TV takes more work than internet dating and dumping because you actually have to get UP OFF YOUR ASS AND BUY THE DAMN TV whereas with internet dating, you can safely do that while lounging on your bed in your underwear.

With buying a TV you get help selecting the right make and model versus when you internet date, you’re on your own.

And finally, when you return your TV, you get a full refund but when you decide to return the person you’re dating, you’re still out all that cash.

So how can I, as a renewed online dater, take care to avoid men who live a BUYERS REMORSEFUL DATING LIFE?

I personally think that there are all these WARNING BELLS that go off when I meet a REMORSEFUL man.

I just can’t connect, no matter how hard I try.

Something is always out of reach.

And I’m no idiot.

I can tell when a guy is into me or not.

If I can manage to wait for the right guy to come around, then no one will be taking MY TV BACK TO THE STORE FOR A REFUND!