I spoke WAY too soon!

michelleDid I say I met someone?

Just kidding!

As it turns out, said individual turned out to be a TOTAL DISASTER.

Never has something that looked SO GOOD turned out SO BAD, except for perhaps New Coke and The Chevy Chase Show.

He failed on EPIC proportions.

To begin with, he is a staunch Donald Trump supporter.  Which in and of itself isn’t an end game, but it sure put me on alert that I was probably dealing with a misogynist.

Strike one.

Then he spent the ENTIRE time talking politics with me.  Even after I BEGGED him to discuss something else.

Strike two.

And finally, he ASKED me my bra size.

Now, this is something I don’t just advertise so him asking was a HUGE no-no.

When I refused to tell him he said, “That’s okay, I’ll just guess.”

Strike three, fucker!  You’re OUT!

I am modestly ashamed that I spent two weeks texting a man who turned out to be such a bum but I’ll just chalk it up to my optimism about meeting someone and leave it at that.

So. . .

. . .back to the drawing board.


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