New Year’s Resolutions

MichelleEvery new year, I make resolutions which I rigidly adhere to for the next week before TOTALLY IGNORING THEM until the next new year rolls around.

This year I’m making new year’s resolutions I know I can keep:

  1.  Drink more beer.  Sure, it’s like liquid bread but it’s tasty and I like it and it has less alcohol than mixed drinks (which I am prone to consuming).  So DRINK MORE BEER!
  2. Spend more time with family and friends.  Surrounding myself with people who love me is NEVER a bad thing.
  3. Watch more Supernatural.  Jensen and Jared have my heart <3.
  4. Write more.  Blog.  Be honest and transparent.  Even when it means admitting to receiving a “facial.”  *facepalm
  5. Be unapologetic about my life experiences.  They have made me who I am.  The good, the bad, and the wild and crazy make me, ME!
  6. Go to UnSCruz.  Try not to sleep through it this time.
  7. Be open to dating men who fall outside my usual parameters (40 something year old lumberjacks).
  8. Say yes to new experiences more often.  No one likes a stagnant woman.  Grow.  Perpetually.
  9. Take care of the people closest to me – my sons, my parents, and my siblings.  Losing Carrie Fisher AND Debbie Reynolds within hours of each other has reminded me that LIFE IS FLEETING so ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW.  I mean RIGHT NOW!
  10. Love more.  Love easily.  This world will not suffer for a little more love in it.

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