Newest disaster


“You Never Know” emailed me on Match.

He’s a 6’6″ tall 49 year old man living in nearby.

Perfect for me, right?

Well, there’s a catch.

He’s separated.

Which means MARRIED, I have to remind myself.

Separated = MARRIED.

And he’s not SEPARATED in all caps.  He separated on December 26 – a detail he was crazy enough to add to his profile.


I’d have to be out-of-my-skull-actual-crazy to get near this guy (though he is my KRYPTONITE).

Fortunately, I’ve learned from past experiences and I’m not taking the bait, especially since he sent me this WONKY email:

“The modesty you express in your profile is pretty darn cute. But it’s kind of BS. You pretty much are rockin’ it.”

in reference to THIS picture:

geoffMe, draped across the hood of my friend Geoff’s car.

So, despite the fact that he’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for on the surface, he’s NOTHING that I’m looking for on the INSIDE.

I’ll take a pass.

I may have been born at night, but I wasn’t born LAST NIGHT!


5 thoughts on “Newest disaster

  1. Under the “best case scenario” you would be in a rebound relationship. His info screams REBOUND. Every one of these I’ve witnessed is dramatic, need filled, and confused. The guys are a really bad combination of demanding and distant at the same time. I’ve never seen one that had any real staying power. Avoid – unless you do it in the name of in depth research for this highly entertaining blog. 🙂

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  3. oh hell no! Rebound, not sure what he wants, except he wants someone to fill the spot his spouse filled for 25 years, NOW. Nuh-uh, no-way no how, unless you just want a free dinner that will be tough to sit through.

    I have to chime in on the separated thing though—my ex took forever to finalize our divorce—wanted to hang to every last little bit of me she could, and STILL tries, even though it’s over and done and filed. She announced she was leaving, took a few months to get her shit together and really leave, then filed, then fought, then fought then fought (with tons of lies) and tried to fight some more. Divorce took almost 2 years. I took a few months to myself, then started dating. If I had waited the entire 2+ years from start to finish to NOT date because I was still legally “married”, I’d have missed some pretty crappy dates, but also would have missed meeting a couple of really sweet folks, some who turned into friends, but some great dates including the one I’m with now. If it is really over, as it was in my case, separated can be a constant state for a while. It takes a minimum 6 months to be divorced here in CA, and yes, some folks need that to process everything, but when your ex hoses you over before they leave and you’re done-done-done with them and ready to move on, waiting for the final paperwork would be like waiting the entire 7 years, waiting for someone who vanished on a fishing trip, washed overboard, to be declared dead, and then date. My 2c as someone who has been through it.

    • Agreed. There’s separated and then there’s SEPARATED. However, I have a theory that a man needs to be about 2 years out of his marriage to be really available for a new one. My 2c. Cheers and thanks for the comment!

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