Can’t win if you don’t play

pokerIn response to my post from yesterday about avoiding a guy who is FRESHLY separated, a friend posted the following comment:

Can’t win if you don’t play.

Oh, how true.

I’m very protective of myself ever since the last guy asked me my bra size on the first date.

I’m feeling a little raw.

Like I’m incapable of withstanding too much more negative input from men without totally losing it.

I swear I’m one bad date away from declaring 2017 the YEAR OF MICHELLE’S RE-VIRGINITY.


So going out with a man who pretty much DECLARED HIS UNAVAILABILITY in his profile, who has been separated from his wife of 25 years for less than 2 weeks, who called my “modest” profile “bullshit” – well I just can’t handle that right now.

When a man tells me he’s unavailable, I believe him now.

I’m not about to invest my time, energy, and caring in someone who at best sees me as TEMPORARY and at worst sees me as DISPOSABLE.

Yes, it’s true I’m not playing the game.

But I’m strategic about who I play with.

And when I see a bad hand, I know it’s time to fold.

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