Why Dating is Like Playing Poker


Kenny Rogers may have taught us a few things about poker. We know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. We know when to walk away, and when to RUN, but how do the principles of poker apply to dating, that is the question before us here today. And I intend to answer it:

  1. There are hands you know are good (pair of aces), there are hands you know are bad (nothing). But how you play the so-so hands (pair of 8’s) that determines if you win or lose the game. Just like in poker, occasionally you meet men you know are great. And then there are the ones you know you should steer clear of. But what you do with the ones who aren’t as transparent measures how successful you are in dating and how much time you spend spinning your wheels.
  2. Just like in poker, sometimes the best strategy is to fold. Examine what you have been dealt and if it comes up lacking, fold and wait for a better hand. Folding can save you lots of frustration and keep your losses small
  3. The power of the check. Sometimes doing nothing is the right approach, in dating and in poker. Pass the bet to your “opponent” and see what happens.
  4. You can’t hold all the cards yourself. If you’re holding all the cards you’re just playing with yourself. And that’s no fun.
  5. Occasionally, staying in pays off. It’s a major element of the game. When you make a straight or a flush you usually win the pot, and that can be substantial.
  6. Don’t forget the Wild card. It may look like nothing to other people, but in the game of life, it can make the lowest hand come to life and WINNER TAKES ALL!
  7. Occasionally, you need to go ALL IN for a hand. So it is with dating. There are times when you have to commit and go for the big picture, the daring win, even though the stakes are high.

I’m an ALL IN kinda woman.

I bet the farm every time and every time I’ve lost – though I did get two beautiful boys from one bet.

Age and wisdom have mitigated the spontaneity and stupidity that hormones and emotion used to play in my dating choices.

I’ve become MUCH better at playing the game and you’ll see. . .

. . .one of these days, I’m going to win the JACKPOT!

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