2017 Virgin

michelleSo far, for the ENTIRE YEAR OF 2017 – all 9 days of it – I am a virgin.

Yes, I have had no nookie so far this year.

Not a hint.

Not even a suggestion.

Although there was this stimulating sext I had with a friend the other day. . .

And I did have a lovely makeout on New Year’s Eve.

But TECHNICALLY, no sex.

Nine days of not getting any started me thinking, PERHAPS I SHOULD EXTEND THIS PERIOD OF ABSTINENCE IN MY LIFE.

Maybe I should withhold from mattress dancing for a little while until I feel like I’m not jaded, bitter and cranky.

You can be sure that if I do this, a LANDSLIDE OF HOT EROTIC SEX will present itself in my life.

Because if there’s one thing you can count on it’s me needing to eat crow on a repeating and regular basis.

Eat those words, Michelle!

My friend Barbara would be delighted.

She believes that when you start dating someone, you should put them on 90-days of probation.

As in 90 days of NO NOOKIE!

Yeah right!

Honestly, me playing hard to get is waiting until the 4th date.

Sad, but true.

So what’s a girl to do when presented with this opportunity?

Seize the challenge!

So I hereby declare that I am going SEX-FREE for the next 90 days, come hell or highwater.

Wish me luck!

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