Beefcake – it’s what’s for dinner

joeI watched the movie Magic Mike.

And Magic Mike XXL.

What self-respecting 40-something year old woman hasn’t?

I’m not a Channing Tatum kinda gal though.

Oh no.

I’m a Big Dick Ritchie fan.

There’s just something about an ENORMOUS man with an ENORMOUS appetite and an ENORMOUS “talent” that gets me going.

And when they had him do the pseudo BDSM scene in XXL, I basically LOST IT.

Totally and completely.

I lost it so bad I started following Joe Manganiello on Instagram.

Yup, I’m lovesick.

So imagine my thrill and delight when I asked Barbara if she wanted to go see a Male Revue in the bay area later this year and SHE SAID HELL YES!

Seeing as how I’m on a NO SEX kick, it will be a fun and safe way to get my rocks off without actually breaking my vow of celibacy.


Momma’s gonna pig out!

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