michelle1Top 10 Worst Dates EVER

  1. The racist guy who told me that the Mexicans were ruining California.
  2. The guy who moved his glass out of the way so he could “see my tits better.”
  3. The guy who spoke so quietly I thought I was losing my hearing.
  4. The guy who asked me my bra size then tried to guess when I wouldn’t talk.
  5. The guy who took me up winding Highway 9 in a sports car and made me puke.
  6. The guy who talked bad about his ex wife the whole time.
  7. The guy who never asked me one question about myself, just talked endlessly about himself.
  8. The guy who sweat so profusely he soaked his napkin with all his sweat.
  9. The guy who burped incessantly.
  10. The guy with the REALLY BAD GAS who trapped me in his car with his farts driving down from Mount Hamilton.

Honestly, all a date has to do to be bad right now is for there to be no connection, or the date feels like a mediocre job interview. But these 10 men took the prize as far as bad dates go and they really won the prize for being real STINKERS.


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