I call BS

MichelleIs it a scam?

So I got a new message online.

A rather handsome, tallish gentleman by the name of Loverman sent me a message thanking me for my wink and suggesting we communicate via his Ts2.

Apparently he’s in uniform and currently stationed in Iraq.

Ok, ok.

I know I said no more UNAVAILBLE men, but I kinda like the idea of having a penpal.

Of course uniformed men do kinda freak me out a little.

I was married to a cop after all and that went sour pretty fast and ended with him packing his guns out of the house while I hid at my parent’s house.

Loverman stated that he is on “SM in Iraq” which I think means “Special Mission” in Iraq and not “sado machochism.”

And I can’t help but feel like this is all a GIGANTIC lie meant to lure in unsuspecting women who have a thing for men in uniform who like to disappear and not have to answer for their “disappearances.”

He probably has two wives, 6 kids, and a handful of “penpal” girlfriends.

He calls himself Loverman, after all.

I could be jaded.

But then again, I could be absolutely brilliant.

Looks like a scam. Smells like a scam.

Probably IS a scam.




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