Another Anti-Valentine Day post

I know what you’re wondering.

You’re wondering “How long can this woman stay mad at Valentine’s Day?

And the answer is – A LONG TIME.

This year I will be going to a friend’s Anti-Valentine’s Day party in the Santa Cruz mountains.

The theme is “Salvador Dali” which I think is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

Imagine all the surreal costumes showing up.

The melting clocks.

The wonky eyeballs.

So, you may be wondering, what will I be wearing to this soiree?

I am wearing a red dress:

red-dresspaired with a very surreal lobster headband:

lobster-headbandI got my inspiration for Salvador Dali’s Lobster telephone which I find both playful and menacing – the perfect representation of surrealism.

lobster-telephoneOf course there is precedent for people putting lobsters on their heads:

lady-gagaEven good old Dali himself sported a crustacean on his own head.

salvador-daliSo there you have it.

My surreal Dali costume for the Anti Valentine’s Day party.

It’s gonna be F U N !


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