More Anti-Valentines Day Links

Wanna watch a movie on Valentine’s Day but avoid a sappy romance? Try 10 Anti-Valentine’s Movies by shortlist. Or 12 Anti-Valentines’s Day Movies via Your Tango.

Now fuck off and die video clip from Closer starring Clive Owen and Julia Roberts.  NSFW, turn the volume D O W N !

25 Anti-Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Single Girlfriends via Popsugar.  Because HOES BEFORE BROS, you know!

Anti-Valentine’s Day Cards for someone not so special via Jezebel.  Because let’s face it, sometimes taking the low road feels AWFULLY good.  My personal favorite (which I’d dedicate to The Hunk) is below:


Broken heart coloring page via Roots Design on Etsy.  Vent those frustrations in technicolor!

A whole outfit put together to make you look BADASS on Valentine’s Day via murmur5000 on Polyvore.  Except for maybe those glossy burgundy lips.  Those lips have “PRINCESS” written all over them.

11 LOL Memes That Perfectly Describe How You Really Feel About Valentine’s Day via Seventeen.  My favorite is below:






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