A little subdued right now

It’s been a rough few weeks for me.

Not just because Valentine’s Day is coming – I’ve been having lots of fun putting up Anti-Valentine’s Day posts.

Last week, our family cat was killed by coyotes.

He had on a collar and we were called to recover his body and IT WAS GRUESOME.

It was the front of a cat and the back of a cat, with nothing in between.

He was a sweet kitty and deserved better.

THEN, I decided it was time to go through all my old boxes from when I got divorced and packed up my house and put it into storage in my parent’s garage.

Sifting through all those old memories was so bittersweet.

I came across a picture of me sitting with the boy I lost my virginity to.  In the last throes of my innocence.

And there was a ton of artwork, poems and papers from my school days which only served to make me feel OLD.

I did come across this lovely picture that my birthmom drew of a teenage her holding a toddler me – something which never happened in real life but it’s nice to have the drawing.

sherriAnd of course, as beautiful as the drawing is, it also made me wistful and sad but incredibly proud of my birthmother’s artistic abilities.

I also had to deal with my fear regarding the Trump presidency, the use of “alternative facts,” and the magical Women’s March which moved me to tears.

And it’s not helping that social media and the news are saturated with everything offensively Trump.  I feel like I’m crawling through a meat grinder.

So yeah, I’m a little subdued right now.






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