Therapy, my style

Ever since Trump took office, I’ve been plagued by anxiety and sleeplessness.

I have this tremendous fear about the direction he is trying to lead our country in.

Of course, not being able to sleep makes for lousy mornings and even lousier afternoons as I fight my post-lunch sugar crash.

As it turns out, there is a cure out there for what ails me and it doesn’t require Trump’s immediate impeachment (although that would be preferred).

It’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Not Negan-style Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


I don’t watch The Walking Dead.

I’m taking P.S. I Love You Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Billy Gallagher – the sexy, walking-around-with-no-pants-on, Irish musician slash lake patrolman who “cleans Hilary Swank’s pipes” in the movie after her husband dies from a brain tumor.

THAT Jeffrey Dean Morgan is EXACTLY the therapy I need to fall asleep during a Trump Presidency.


I’m not above admitting that I *may* have added other accoutrements to the mixture in order to help myself relax and fall asleep.

But the magical element?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

You heard it here first.


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