Texas-style Cunnilin9u$

michelleSo, there I am.

Minding my own business, just sorting through emails when something catches my eye.

An email from “How About A Date” advertising a Man looking for a Woman for “drinks at the Beach Chalet in SF followed by Texas-style cunnilin9u$.”

That’s right!

Caught your attention too, no doubt.

So, I’m wondering, is Texas-style cunnilin9u$ something exotic I need to hear about – like a Dirty Sanchez or a snowball?

So I google it.

And it seems to me that all Texas-style cunnilin9u$ is is oral sex with a Texan.

Go figure.

Nothing to expand my sexual horizons.

I was disappointed but also a little irritated.

So I reported the date to the staff at “How About A Date.”

And I got a reply, “What exactly do you object to in this date?”


Isn’t it obvious?

This is “How About A Date” not Adult Friend Finder.

So I politely explained that the date advertised “cunnilin9u$.”

Oh. That.

Yeah, that.


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